My Elf ears...

Okay, I have elf ears and I have been ridiculed about it from sometime now. Thing is what if my boyfriend (when I’m in a relationship) makes fun of it? O.o I’m scared!

Answer #1

If your future boyfriend make fun of it,he’s a not a real boyfriend then. You shouldn’t care what people think about your appearance,everyone goes through that and they let the teasers win,you don’t want that. If people keep doing it,say “Hey I’m proud of my ears,don’t like it,keep walking and don’t talk to me until you can respect me!”. Don’t let them get to you.

Answer #2

you shouldnt be worried at all . when you find a boyfriend, just remember why he asked you out: he mustve liked you for being you . dont try to change your appearance or how you normally are for a guy . when you find the right one, hell accept you for how are you now .

Answer #3

I tink elf ears are really cute! so dunt worry about it ! ((:

Answer #4

just ignore what people say try to pick something out on him & if he ever mentions your ears, be ike well at least I dont (& say his thing_) he’ll laugh and be like jking around & you will be fine(+

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