My down sindrome brother says hes having toruble breathing help!!!

Im home alone with my lil brother whos down sindromee. And he says hes havin trouble breathing, im giving him asmtha pumps but he says its not helpingg. I cant get in touch with my parenss, both there phones are homeee. Who shud I call

What shud I doo

Please helppp!

Im so scared right nowww.

Answer #1

call 911 when anything like this happens. always always call professional help.

Answer #2

okay my aunts here, everythingz okay;; thanks guyss !

I never though about aboutt my aunttt.!

Answer #3

call parents, family members and if no one answers get a neighbor!! it can be serious!..

Answer #4

Go get a neighbour or call a close family member.

Answer #5

Call 911!

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