Why can't I breathe?

HELP! I am having a SERIOUS hard time breathing, and I don’t know what to do about it! My mom said to put that nose spray thingy on, and I did but now my nostrils are cleared up and Im STILL having a hard time breathing!.. I read at he doctor’s office (I was there with my sis for a checkup) that women have more heart attacks than men and they showed me a list of symptoms and one of them said hard-time breathing!! Even when I breath through my nose, I feel like I’m not even breathing at all. So I breath through. But my mom says it’s bad for my heart if I do that too much. (smoething like that.) I don’t wanna have a heart-attack so, HELP!!

Answer #1

If you cant breath then its best to go to the hospital. We cant help you with that. It needs medical attention. See a doctor!

Answer #2

ok the best thing iz dot stayin hot places get lots of fresh air stay away from dust! and one of the main causes are panic attacks dont worry yourself!! and it sounds like your a lil paranoid with heart attacks babe i used 2 be that way my brother had one at 20 pls dont worry its probably something very simple remember fresh air not warm ok! if u need 2 talk email me baby_jojolouisa@yahoo.co.uk dont worry ur self email me ok?

Answer #3

It’s possible you could have asthma. You definitely need to go see your doctor so you can get it figured out.

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