My dog has very few teeth any food ideas?

I have been feeding him canned food. But he dont really like it! Its also not very healthy! He was kicked in the mouth and I took him in and he is a chihuahua any ideas?

Answer #1

Canned food really isnt good for dogs any way dry food helps keep there teeth cleaner

put a little water on some small bite food let it soak then give it to him

science diet has small bite food but anything small

Answer #2

small bites and then put warm water in the bowl. Let is soak up the water and it’ll be soft for him to eat. We had a similar problem with my dog.

Answer #3

my cat has no teeth but we feed him tinned cat food that we have warmed up in th micro wave for a few seconds if that doesnt work then maybe you could try looking into puppy foods

Answer #4

take the d og to a vet let him check the dogs mouth there may still be shards of the teeth in its mouth which would make eating painful chihuahuas are very sensitive to pain good luck

Answer #5

He was dumped two years ago in a small town in ohio. A friend of mine saw blood in the snow. She followed it and he was hiding behind a tire and he was covered in blood. She called me cause I love chihuahuas. I drove to ohio and I paid for the vet bills. We hung signs but he was so skinny and underweight. The vet said someone kicked him in the mouth our something. He has been to the vet and I take him regularly I just dont think canned food is healthy

Answer #6

Get him some very small kibble…lots of dogs don’t bother to chew it anyway, they swallow it whole. I saw some kibble for very tiny dogs at the Health Food Store…I think it’s made by Solid Gold…Also, Natural Balance Food Rolls…they are inbetween hard kibble and canned food…they look like summer sausage…I feed that to my sister’s old Toy Poodle…he’s lost a lot of teeth from age…

How’d your dog get kicked in the mouth??


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