Is Ol' Roy soft & moist beef a good dog food for my dog?

I’ve heard good and bad things about it, what do you know about it?

Answer #1

I don’t see anything wrong with it… it’s dog food. But who knows.

Answer #2

Whats the first ingredient on the package? If its corn? Meat bi-product? Corn is indigestible for dogs and nothing but filler, any dog food with corn is crap. Meat bi-product is beaks, claws, feather and other disgusting things.

I would not feed Ol’Roy to my dogs

Answer #3

The first ingredient is meat by-product. :/

Answer #4

Which means its made of mystery meat bi-products - it could be anything from chicken, beef , road kill , euthanized pets (seriously) etc. and its all the horrible parts like beaks, claws, feathers, etc.

At least if its chicken bi-product or beef bi-products you know what animal it came from.

Answer #5

Tht dog food almost killed the dog tht taught me how to walk yrs ago. I have nvr trusted it sry

Answer #6

Wait, sorry…I looked again and it’s BEEF by-product. I guess I typed what you wrote above.

Answer #7

Really? How so?

Answer #8

At least with beef by-product you know its coming from cows, its just all the yucky parts of the cow that are to crappy for humans.

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