My cat is biting its kittens

We have the mother cat in a cage since were gotten her weeks ago, for her to get used to the other animals my family has in the house.

She has had three kittens around 3 weeks ago. All of a sudden tonight she’s just been meowing non stop, and will sometimes bite her kittens, we cant separtate them because the kittens still need to nurse, but I cant have them hurt niether,

Please, if you know, help Thank you.. -Jess

Answer #1

It’s normal, it’s her mothering them.

Her biting and roughing up the kitten is normal discipline. She is teaching the kitten limits and when enough is enough – kittens don’t know when to stop pestering and when they are biting too hard with those needle-sharp little teeth as they play.

Learning proper etiquette and limits is a very important part of growing up for a kitten, and your older cat is instinctively teaching the kitten, just as her own mother taught her. Don’t worry about the occasional bouts of hissing and the kitten screaming like a child that has just been spanked. Don’t interfere.

Answer #2

I have a cat that just had her kittens, she had three, she is still a baby herself. I beleive she was weaned from her mother as well, but my question is, is it normal for the mother cat to bite her babies so hard, they are only 6 days old. She is a very good mother to her babies, she bathes them, she is always with them, but I feel like if she is trying to play with them, and when she does, she is kind of rough. I would like some advise, do I need to take them away from her. That is the only problem, that she bites them kind of hard…please help, thank you

“lil Gatita”

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