Why won't my cat stay inside or eat?

Well, I have an orange tabby. He’s about a year, and hes so adorable. I love him so much, and give him as much attention as I can. He’s a stray, I took him from a litter of 5 in a shed. I’ve had him for about 8 months. Ollie (cat’s name) loves to be outside. Especially in nice weather, which it has been lately. the problem is that he never wants to come in anymore, and he isn’t eating. I don’t know what’s wrong with him, but I’m getting worried. please help!

Answer #1

Neutured cats usually like to stay inside, because they don’t need to be out “tomcattin’” anymore.

Answer #2

he’s proberly so used to being outside he doesnt want to come inside aymore! have you already gotten him neutered? if you do, it may resist the temtation of him going outside and looking for a mate. i have a cat and im a veterinary tech so let me know if you have any problems!

Answer #3

Well cats will be cats, what you need to do is coax him back inside if he’s distancing himself from you that much plus you have to put in to account that hes a stray and strays have that conection to the out doors what you need to do is remind him that the house is also his home. When it comes to his eating habits he’s probably eating other little animals like birds or gophers. Your best bet is to bring him inside for a few days and feed him his cat food and have him reconect to you. Oh yes another reason that your cat might not be eating is because he might have worms so you might want to go to a pet store and ask for some tape worm medicatin you can put in his food’ It worked for my cats…..Good Luck I hope you find whats wrong with your cat

Answer #4

you should take your cat to the vet to be safe.:)

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