My boyfirned

Okey, well,I try ed telling my boyfriend, that I did not want to have sex when I saw him but I ended up giving in cuze he keeped preuseing me into it, and he keeped saying please over and over agine and he was bugging me. And he bit me on my cheek, and he left a mark…I don’t know tell me what I should do?

Answer #1

uhm…the fact that he actually bit your cheek. is a bit odd..I think you should back away from him. if he keeps pressuring you into doing something you dont want to do, you should end the relationship and stay away from him.

Answer #2

Wait just to understand what you’re saying, your boyfriend bit you on your cheek while you guys were making out or while he was pursuiding you to have sex with him?

Answer #3

Any boy who pressures you to do something you dont wanna do does not like, or even care about you! They only care about themselves. What should you do…get out of this relationship, and find a boy who will respect you, & your feelings!!

Answer #4

Oh. What a jerk - get away as fast as you can. He tried everything from pity to violence to get you to sleep with him. Sound desperate ‘cause thats what it sounds like to me. He has no respect - I hope you dump him before you let him do anything stupid.

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