Can you get pregnant from having sex on your period?

my boyfirned put his ‘Thing’ into me without a comdom for about 1-2 minites while I two days before I stoped my period. can I get pregnat from this?

Answer #1

The lowest chance of pregnancy is during your period. But there is always a chance.

Your boyfriend’s “Thing” leaks pre-c*m which DOES contain sperm (although not nearly as many as when he pops).

So, in short, probably not.

Tell Romeo as firm as you can to wrap his tool, or he doesn’t get to play - then follow that. YOU have the power.

Answer #2

it’s possible cause it was near the end of your period. it depends when you usually ovulate and ho long the sperm would live inside you. well that’s if you got pre-cum in you.

Answer #3

Yes! Some people would disagree. But it turns out, my boyfriends son was a result of that. -Steph

(There is absolutely NO safe zone, you can get pregnant anytime.)

Answer #4

There is ALWAYS of chance of pregnancy without protection. Precum contains sperm, so he doesnt have to ejaculate to release sperm!

Answer #5

umm.. by the way if he did cum in you you can get pregnant. when you are on your period you are really fertal. that on person wasn’t that smart when they said you cant get pregnant

Answer #6

No.. the point of a period is to shed the egg that you didnt use should you of become pregnant, you most fertile days in a normal 28 day cycle from the first day of your period is 12-14 days, this last for around 5 days..

Answer #7

You can ovulated during your period so if there was any sperm presence in his precum - yes you can get pregnant.

xox Sika

Answer #8

I doubt you would get pregnant because he only putted his “thing” in for 2 minutes…only if he precum a lot or he came inside u…

Answer #9

yes you can, its rare but you can get pregnant while on your period

Answer #10

not unless he came inside u..that would be the only way you would be pregnant but if he just stuck it in and then took it out than no!

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