I'm really shy about my body

I’m really shy about my body because, well, I’m not the best looking girl when in my birthday suit or mostly my birthday suit…lol, if you get my meaning… I’m dieting now, but how can I over come that shyness, because I don’t even like taking my jeans off at the doctors and leaving everything else on so they can examine my knee’s… and I have an appointment at Planned Parenthood in a week, how am I going to be able to lay there naked while they examine me inside and out, literily, when I’m this darn shy??? because my boyfriend has seen me partly naked, but it always has to be darkend room… how can I over come this shyness?? Help me please!!

Answer #1

The doctors know already that you are nervous. In fact they expect you to be. It would not be normal if you would not be nervous. Also they don’t see you the way you see yourself. They are seing you with their medicine eyes on. So when they look at you they see body parts and symptoms not the actual you that you only know.

Answer #2

Well, there isn’t really any way. You’ll just have 2 get used to it. If you think about it, there really aren’t that many things you need to get naked for. You could get hypnotist to get rid of you shyness. But that costs a bit of money.

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