My 15th b-day party

My 15th party is coming up soon…I dont want to have anything big just invite 2 of my friends to the movies or something. But idont want anything childish to be like hey you want to come to the movies with me for my b-day party…I mean that kinda sounds weird so what else can I do. I dont want to spend lots of money and I dont want to many friends its going 2 be a boy girl thing so what can I do that both of them will like?

Answer #1

Instead of going to cinema, you can go to a funfair park where you can have more fun with your two friends. If I will be one of “your friends “ I would like more to go funfair.

Answer #2

well for my birthdays I usually go to the city with some friends. But a good idea woud be to take them rock climbing. My friend did that last year&it was really fun. Hope I helped a little.

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