What is a good idea for a location or theme of my next b-day party?

It’s going to be my 15th birthday. My friend Andrew and I have the same birthday. and we always have issues on having seperate parties. We want to have a combined party this year with lots and lots of people, we are both turning 15. What is a good location for our huge party? and even some ideas on what to have or do at the party. but definitly keep the budget in mind. please and thank you(:

Answer #1

Hmm when you say a ‘huge party’ I’m assuming your parents, Andrew’s and yours are going to pay for the big party bash??? Not sure how two 15 years can possibly fork out money to hold a massive party of their own.

May I suggest a letter theme party? For example, both your names starts with the letter A, so ask all invited guests to come dressed up as something beginning with an ‘A’.

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