What could my ear hurting all the way down to my jaw mean?

For the past day and a half my ear has hurt all the way down to my jaw, and it hurts pretty bad an my ear is plugged up. What could it be? Could it just be a ear infection?

Answer #1

that u should see a doctor?

Answer #2

Like i know that just what could t be from.

Answer #3

Could be an infection, but don’t take my word for it… see the proffessionals :)

Answer #4

Sounds like and ear infection gone bad. Time for a doctor.

Answer #5

Could be due to cold climate too.

Answer #6

It could be that you’re congested or it could mean that you’re coming down with an ear infection. I’d see the doctor as soon as possible. I remember having an ear infection before and looked after it too late. I now have a small hearing loss… The doctor could prescribe some Amoxillin for you which is an antibiotic or they could prescribe any different type of antibiotic. Keep in mind that these don’t get rid of common flu or colds, but helps to prevent bacterial growth :)

Answer #7

If you got a cold or a flu, the doctor would more likely just tell you to go home and get some rest in hope that you’ll get better. If you’ve got an infection, they’ll give you an antibiotic to cure it.

Answer #8

Its not a cold

Answer #9

It sounds like u may have an inner ear infection also it could be caused by an absessed tooth. I would go see ur doctor.

Answer #10

what’s an absessed tooth?

Answer #11

I probably spelled it wrong but its where a tooth is infected and it can make ur ear annd jaw hurt

Answer #12

Than its an ear infection :) Noone on here can help you with your health issues.. Thats why there’s something called a doctor.

Answer #13

Ya well its saturday, I can’t go until monday. Just looking for an answer on what it could bbe

Answer #14

Ya well its saturday, I can’t go until monday. Just looking for an answer on what it could bbe

Answer #15

Idk it hurts like a bitch non stop for 2 days

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