Movie Maker, sound doesn't work on my videos

I can’t get the sound to work with my videos. Does anyone know how to fix that? It works fine on my computer when I play it but not on the movie maker! this is important , it’s a school project! also can windows movie maker record sound as backround, my voice I mean?

Answer #1

yea this happened to me… try importing the files from an outside source such as your mp3 player or a flash drive. if that doesnt work, you might just have to do a system reboot. But before you do any of those things, do all the things foxxxy18146 suggests…

Answer #2

but make sure you imported the song into collections right and the song doesn’t have red X’s on the timeline then go to the timeline mode and the first icon on the left right above the timeline is like, an audio level button, click on it and then it has a bar where you can adjust the song to the project then next to that button has a narration one you can record your voice hope this helps:)

Answer #3

Yeah I had this problem too, if you download YouTube Downloader, which is free and easy it has a converting option, so you can convert the m-peg/mp4 into a wmv/wma file, which you can then upload to windows media player, where it will have sound/audio.

hope that helps.

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