Why won't my gif files work on windows movie maker?

So for some reason, whenever I put any animated gifs onto my windows movie maker, the gif won’t move, it simply becomes a still picture. I’ve tried importing my gif files from import pictures, import videos, and import audio or music, but the gif still just becomes a picture. I don’t understand why it won’t become animated like everyone says it’s supposed to! Please help me!


P.s. I got all of my gifs off of the internet like my friend did (and from the same site, too) but my gifs won’t work the way her’s do. That doesn’t make sense to me!

Answer #1

I can only make gifs in windows media work in Windows Vista not XP

Answer #2

ok, here’s one of them: http://www.naruto-kun.com/kakashi-gifs/ just right click one of the GIFs, click Save Picture As… and then click the Save button next to the GIF’s file name. thank you SO much!

Answer #3

It should moved, unless otherwise won’t. Or maybe the GIF is to big or too long when they animate.

I did not encounter your problems. Can you give me the GIF picture or links and I will try it to my windows movie maker…:)

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