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Is there a movie or a game like this? (read more)

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I took a nap just now and I woke up from a very weird dream. In the dream i was at home with my family. It was normal at the beginning..though I was mad at them and we didn't talk(I fell asleep like that) but then...The sky outside became really dark grey with some red in it and it started raining. And as it was raining zombies and monsters came out. There was a weird girl monster with red dress and dark hair.. I only saw that one but I'm sure there were more. Oh and there were a lot of girls like her. They managed to find a way to enter our flat through the windows and the doors. I had a katana and I killed them as they entered the room we were in. And now the weird thing is that I was pregnant..with monsters inside my belly. It all had began with a book my mom brought me from the library. And then girls who took the book before appeared. They said that the same thing happened to them and that they gave birth to something like bug eggs. Can you please tell me if it means something? Also, I felt like I've seen everything in it before so I thought it was from a movie or a game.