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Who here has read the Hunger Games trilogy and/or watched the movie and would be capable of clarifying something for me?

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Did Katniss really love Peeta?

It seemed like she only "loved" him because it was the way to gain sponsors and eventually it became the only way to make it out alive (well without having to stare him in the face and kill him, but come on, it is easier to say you love someone than kill them). In my opinion it also seemed like Katniss may have initially been faking her "feelings" for Peeta, but slowly developed real feelings for him. I don't know. She said she wanted to forget what happened (which could include whatever happened between her and Peeta), and in the movie it was clear she felt guilt or something at the end when she saw Gale. Also, it seemed like she had a somewhat sibling-like relationship with Gale.

I am not looking for answers like "She should be with Peeta because Josh is hot", but more of answers with some reasons that were shown in the books and movie lol thanks :)