Motorbike wont start

Motorbike wont start… Why?

Ok this one’s a 250cc Bandit (Suzuki) it has in inline fuel filter and I have cleaned the carbs so its not that. I have found that the wire coming from what I THINK is the starter motor that goes to the engine part of the bike, the rubber stuff of the wire is broken so it wont insulate. Most cases this wont matter except that it normally doesnt matter when whatever the system is using is relying in current it wont matter but to start an engine it uses pure AMPS to start moving the pistons. As far as I know. Also as far as my knowledge goes it could be a number of other things too like spark plugs (which are fine, I tested em) or CDI unit (dunno how to test and those Suzuki CDI’s are expensive as here) or some sort of coil (I dont know about coils either). It’s not the battery as it’s fairly new plus Ijust charged it with battery charger and its also a high quality battery.

Could this wire that connects to the engine be the problem?

It basically makes like the sound when you go to press the electric starter like (nenenenenenenene) really fast but wont even attempt to try to “catch.”

Thanks for help people

EDIT: Basically I think its electrical problem not fuel based problem. Also I know the fuel and air side way better than the electrical side so yea.

Answer #1

cheers. Now to find me a manual…

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