Can someone please explain to me what mormon is?

Can someone please explain to me what mormon is? Is it a religion and what do mormons believe in?

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oh ps.

ofcourse they don’t think they’re a cult…

but they are.

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Mormons are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I know, long name. We are not a cult, we believe in Jesus Christ as our Savior and that through His Atonement, and only through it, can our(meaning anyone who has ever or will ever live on this earth) sins be cleansed. Many people do not believe them to be Christians, and to them I would ask, what is a Christian? Basically the main reason I have heard for us not bring Christians is that we “do not believe the same things that mainstream Christianity beileves”. I can understand that, but please, before you take that at face value, understand what we do believe. We Believe God lives. We believe in the Holy Spirit, and in God’s only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. We believe in the Bible, it is the word of God, as is the Book of Mormon. The Book of mormon is not another Bible, it is not a ‘translation’ of the bible nor is it a ‘study-guide’ for the Bible. It is another testament of Christ, like unto Bible, but the major difference is that it takes place on the American Continent(over 2000 years ago). We do believe that God speaks to us, His children, through revelation. Both personal(prayer) revelation and revelation for the world given through His Prophet. We do not practice polygamy, and anyone who does is not a member or, if a member, is ex-communicated until he/she stops such practices. in response to ray18’s post, please know that Warren Jeffs IS NOT a mormon, and that none of his followers are either. I hope this wasnt too long, but I love to talk about religion. there is much more of our differences and similarities to say, but if you want to know more, I would strongly suggest you go to I would love to answer any other questions, and dont be hesitant, I am just a 22 year old college student so I have a time! thanks!

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You can get lots of info here:

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It’s basically considered the following of the 3rd installment of the bible basically the new new testament it was founded by joseph smith who supposedly had an encounter with god and he was made to write the new new testament by god who gave him golden plates inscribed with what the lord wanted the new new testament to say… Joseph smith said that god wouldn’t allow him to show the plates to anyone.. even though even after his death the plates were never found and there is and was no evidence that the plates ever existed and most people besides the mormons think Joseph Smith was a looney tune and basically a person with intentions to start a cult.. Mormons follow the teachings of the book written by Joseph Smith known as the book of the mormon.. if you want to know anything else just look it up theres plenty of places online that’ll tell you about it..

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not every mormon believes in marrying more then one person, most actually dont, thats like olld way back int he day mormons. mormons are a cult, they claim thheyre christians. I’m not saying mormons are bad people but I think they’re deceived. they believe in more then one type of heaven and hell. they believe that if you dont beleive in the book of mormon you’ll go to hell. that its a part of the bible to them. they also read the bible, but if they completely understood the bible theyde realize that the book of mormon is not a part of it. my step mom and her kids and family are mormon. iive been to their church. its very strict. they arent very kind they seem uptight and I just dont liek the religion at all and I dont reccomend it. also there are evil mormon cults in texas. look up warren jeffs on google. not all mormons are like that though. but , I’ve heard a lot of child mollestation stories about them. sometimes people think of them as christians so they think christians are wicked but they arent real christians. they dont believe in the same things I believe.

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llcoolclint didn’t you get that from the movie SWAT?

and mllama32 nailed it to the wall! If you honestly want to know more check out Mormons are not evil and they’re not an occult.

if you have any questions totally fun mail me and I’ll get back to you asap!

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yeah its a religion. all I know is that they believe a man can marry more than one woman lol

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Haha :p

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there are to mormons that come around my way sometimes they freak me out abit , because they just walk into peoples houses , they always wear these suites , and the believe in josafenx or something I dont know , and like they marry 2-3 women but the say there still chrisians there abit because they still believe in god but in a differnt way

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Wow, lots of opinions here, how about some facts?

“Mormonism”, or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, is indeed a religion.

It was founded back in the 1800’s in the U.S.A., started because a young man claimed he had seen God and Jesus Christ personally. Yes, polygamy was a big part of it, clear up until the last century. The U.S. government forced the Mormons to give up polygamy, some did (the mainstream Church headed in Salt Lake City), others didn’t (the FLDS and other “fundamentalists” else where). And even the main stream Church still believes in polygamy in the next life, just can’t have multiple wives in this one.

Curious why you asked about Mormonism.

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I don’t know a lot about it but they dont like believe in unhealthy food or something like that, like they dont drink soda, or atleast most of them..

Answer #12

I think what emilyyywashere is trying to say is mormon’s can’t comsume anything that alters our state of mind we treat our bodies with respect for example fast food like mcdonald’s

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