What are the moral, social, and health reasons for and against marijuana?

What are the moral, social and health reasons for and against smoking marujana?

Answer #1
  • Some people do get psychosis after smoking too much of it. They have hallucinations and hear little voices that tell them secrets and stuff. It’s a rare side effect, and it mostly hits people who are genetically somehow susceptible to psychosis. But you never know whether you’re one of them until it’s too late.
  • Youths who smoke it will be impaired in the growth of their central nervous system.
  • Most people mix it with tobacco, but even if you don’t… smoking any plant will damage the lung.
  • People will loose control and coordination and they will not be able to drive of use machines properly. This may result in accidents. This may endanger other people.
  • People will become indifferent, lazy and reluctant if they smoke it. Which will result in that many of them will depend on others (often their family) for monetary support.

I’m sure there are more…

Answer #2

As Rotten said I believe all those side affects are true. But if used it moderation I don’t really think its much worse than have a few beers every now and then. Might be a bit worse for your health since you are smoking something and that cannot be good for your lunges.

I used to be throughly convinced pot was absolutely terrible for you and would make you into a lazy, complete looser with no future. But I have met too many people who have a joint now and then and really lead nice successful lives. Could they be more successful if they had never touched marijuana? Possibly. But I’m no longer convinced is the absolute evil I thought it once was. I still would urge any friend not to try it or to stop if they are, just like I would urge them to stop smoking.

Answer #3

That is true for any drug. For any substance actually. If you are excessive in devouring chocolate it is bad for you. If you are excessive in using pain killer that is also bad for you and you might become addicted. If you excessively consume apples, you’ll get digestion issues. >_<

If you consume only 1µ-gram of a very dangerous, addictive illegal drug it will have no effect and be harmless. If you consume minute traces of arsenic dissolved in water filtered by volcanic rocks, that will not be poisonous.

Yes, it’s always the dose that makes any substance dangerous.

Answer #4

The effect seems to vary a lot. I’ve met people who were middle aged successful professionals who have smoked since they were kids who are as lucid and cogent as anyone you will meet. I’ve also seen people who 6 months after starting to smoke became worthless, ambitionless, stoners who no longer cared about anything beyond where to get their next fix.

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