How long is a monroe piercing swollen for?

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I had my done two days ago and mine is still red which is to be expected. Don't clean it more than twice a day as over cleaning will irritate the piercing. Maybe it is a teenage fad and maybe it isn't but as regards being an adult woman getting it done it's personal taste. If you like it get it done, if you think you'll look hilarious then don't. People have different opinions on the piercing, usually either love it or hate it. I love it.

Persevere with the cleaning and mouth rinsing after food and you should be fine. It'll be cleared in no time. After I got my nose pierced it developed a keloid which took six months to go away. Six months of soaking for a half hour twice a day and tea tree oil. Perseverance is no problem for me, give it a go :)

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If you have a job, I wouldn't suggest getting it done. I read this online and found it quite interesting...

"While it is humanly possible to heal a new piercing with a high quality retainer, it takes much more diligence and patience than most people possess. Usually it results in a big red, nasty piercing that is eventually given up on. If you really devoted yourself to the process it can be done, but any slacking whatsoever is just going to end up in a mess.

If you are not allowed to have any facial piercings at work and you go out and deliberately get one, you are setting yourself up for disciplinary action.

Monroes are usually swollen for a few days. They are red for a couple of weeks. If they are being jostled and slipping in and out the way they do with a retainer they will be red (and VERY obvious) for a month or probably more. People who try to heal piercings with retainers generally have terrible luck and long lasting redness. You have to be incredibly devoted to cleaning, have a high quality retainer, and leave your retainer in place at all times. No switching your jewelry to something cool as it will aggravate your piercing and make it even more red.

Monroes do hurt. They pinch to have them put in and afterwards they are sore and swollen for about a week. You must clean them a few times a day on the outside and rinse your mouth after eating, drinking, or smoking. If you fail to do this they can easily become infected, and at the least they will be sore and even more obvious.

In all honesty monroes are a teenage fad right now. If you were to get one as an adult woman, it would need to look absolutely incredible to be anything but hilarious. Every 14 year old girl and her sister wants a monroe. Trying to heal one with a retainer is just going to make it look all the worse.

Even with a retainer and in the best of health your monroe is still going to look like a little plastic stick protruding from your lip. Retainers are not invisible. They are a gesture for hiding a piercing, they don't actually conceal it completely. If your position does not allow facial piercings because you deal with the public, then a retainer is not going to be discreet enough to suit your boss.

I would suggest that you wait until you have a job where you can wear facial piercings. This will also give you enough time to decide if you really truly want a monroe despite the fact that it is trendy at the moment."

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