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I have a money tree that I have had for a little over a month and half. recently I have noticed some of the leaves have turned yellow and are drooping. what do I do? I know that I am not supposed to over water it, I typically wait until the soil is completely dried out. Should I re pot it? The tree is about a foot tall in a pot that is about 5 inches wide and deep. Please please help, I really like this plant and want to keep it alive!

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well like most plants it needs pleny of sun and if it has planty of sun then you are waiting to long to warter it should not be complety dry before you water it make sure you pluck the dead leafs off the plant cause the dead leafs are just stealing nutrican that could be going to the rest of the plant sorry I dont no much but I hope this helps.

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Money trees are all the rage right now. They come in a variety of forms and sizes and planter types. Some are good quality plants and others are not. All of this variation makes it difficult to determine just why yours is struggling.

In general, this plant requires lots of bright, indirect light and should be located within several feet of an uncovered window. It is best left in its original pot as repotting often causes problems for the roots.

Allow the top 1-3 inches of soil to dry (depending on the size of the pot) in between thorough waterings. If yours is in a shallow dish, then water it as soon as the surface feels dry.

Fertilizer will not help.

How long does a money tree live?

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