Why did my money tree grow six leaves and not five?

what the meaning of this all of my money tree leaves a group of fives but last week one of them come out six

Answer #1

Well, usually money trees will start out small in groups of four and five, but then they get larger and larger sometimes growing enough to fill whole rooms. You should try to make it grow more than six and be happy with what you got

Answer #2

WHAT??!?!? YOU got a tree that grows on it some MONEY!??! LUCKY! I need ta get me one of those so I can quit my stupid job at the mall be happy you got that tree at all whatevers who cares if it makes just the wrong number of leaves or whatevers.

Answer #3

I don’t know if this is relevant or not because I do not know much of gardening species especially money trees (so money does grow on trees XD ) but it may be a bit like cannabis leaves… genders. I am not sure which way round it is but i think a male one has either an extra leaf or extra long leaf at the back.. so maybe its an extra leaf for a male or female… Google it?

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