How can i double my money in one day?

I have $100.00, how can I make the $100.00 into $200.00 by the end of the day?

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Here are a few ideas:
Gamble - only if you're over 18. Odds aren't great, and it could be illegal (unless you're in Nevada).

Sell something: if you have a garage full of stuff, post things on craigslist for insane prices...tell them you HAVE to sell before 5 pm or something. Yes, you'll have to sell for way less than things are worth, but, it could work.

Similar, find a few odd jobs you can do (the more gross the better) in your neighborhood...somebody probably doesn't like to get their hands dirty and that's YOUR opportunity.

Gather up a collection of the nastiest bugs you can find. Setup a video clip of you eating them, with the option to pay to see you eat specific'll need paypal or similar (or if you have a crowd, you can do this in person) if you get paid via paypal, you might need to wait a few days to get the money, but, you'll have earned it before the day's done.

Good luck.

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you can go for forex trading. as in this also we can double our money very soon.

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