How much money per day is legal to earn?

What is the average daily dollar earning that would seem legal or permissible?

Answer #1

Hey Sir Richard Branson made a little over 3 million in net profit in one day. An associate of mine sold a commercial building and took home a commission check that was over $50k. So you can earn as much as you can in one day, but are you asking what is the average a person makes in a day, well thats different.

Answer #2

This question (sorry) really makes no sense…if you ask questions, please try to use good grammar, spelling, and be concise & clear in what you want to ask.

There are companies (like mine - not FunAdvice but my day job) that sell services at 500 per hour, or 250 per man hour. Then there are law firms that bill even more, again, per hour. Some people in my field have been known to quote 1,000 per hour or more, and actually close deals at that rate.

It really depends on what your profession is and most importantly, how much money you would like to make. If your time is valuable, and people can understand the value, you can charge more. However, if people perceive your time as being less valuable, then you can’t charge as much OR risk losing potential sales, due to percevied “high prices”.

Hope this helps.

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