How can i tell my mom that i smoke?

i have started to smoke and my mom doen’t know but she smokes as well but i smoke cigars and she smokes cigeret

Answer #1

Heres a little lesson. my grandpa smoked when he was your age all the way up to like 70. he died of lung cancer and his lung collapsed into themselves. you think you can fight it off anytime you want but the more you avoid it the more it whispers to you, the more you want it like nothing else and it just gets worse and worse. trust me, my grandpa went through this and so did my dad. well my dad was kinda hooked, he used to shake and chew this gum furiously when he was having cravings. but anyways, who says you have to tell her?? you really dont

Answer #2

hey i dont inhale so i still get the buzz but less of the tobaco in my lungs so its sort of okay

Answer #3

umm same thing buddy. doesnt matter if you inhale exhale. doesnt matter if its comin out of ur ears, ur still gonna get sick from it. the smoke and chemicals is all around you and gets in ypur nose like second hand smoking which more people are dying from every day. trust me kid, i know this stuff….just dont do it if u wanna live a good 40 50 years without hacking up ash and

Answer #4

yea i agree with nikki, what’s the point in even telling her? unless you’re looking for help…

Answer #5

hey from the amount of smoke my mom exhales by me i probably have second hand smoke

Answer #6

well ive grown up around smokers nd had a lot of 2nd hand smoke. my mom knows i like hookah, i dont think she would be suprised if i told her i smoke ciggs. usually ppl smoke if their parents do

Answer #7

well, good luck with not dying :)

Answer #8

Cigars don’t have the poisons and tar, etc. that ciggs have. ciggs have many different additives where cigars are pure tobacco in an aged leaf. its all natural. it does have some bad effects on health but its not even half as bad as ciggs.

Answer #9

yeah i know all that, thats what my grandpa did. and guess what? he died from lung cancer from blackening lungs. they actually collapsed in….

Answer #10

well….. your lucky ur still young… you can fight it off more than adults…. i smoked a little but i didnt smoke ciggs. my friend wanted me to start smoking ciggs. by practicing first with normal paper…. i didnt like all the smoke in my throat… and even if it was normal ciggs. id have a better chance of leaving the addictions behind to have a more healthier life….. plus smoking is an AMAZINGLy GREAT impression…if u like to get girls u might not want to smoke.. because most girls have a tendency of hating people who smoke (not talking about the ones who do like to smoke).. hopes this is relevant

Answer #11

My parents were both smokers. My father died from a massive heart attack at the age of 31. My mother developed angina when she was 38. Neither my sister or I smoke - we learned by seeing what my parents went through. For the record - not inhaling the smoke can, at the very least, lead to mouth and throat cancers. You’re 14 - there is no reason for you to start such a stupid habit. Use your head.

Answer #12

If you want her to know you smoke, maybe let her catch you smoking, or allow her to smell it on you (if its even possible when shes a smoker herself :S ) But i agree with colleen, Besides the health problems….its quite expensive. Im trying to quit, i started smoking at 13 (stupid yeah) , when your supporting yourself on a low income…its hard to pay for the habbit, so quit while your ahead, even if your mates do it (just guessing) doesnt mean you need to.

Answer #13

Tell her you smoke. It dosen’t matter if she smokes or not, tell her, I bet she does not want you smoking but because she smokes you go ahead and think that it is a good excuse if she catches you smoking. Tell her, and for your own good stop before you screw your own self up. There is no way to tell her just tell her you smoke, and if you have a little noledge tell her you want help to stop that.

Answer #14

just tell her

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