What should i get my mom for her birthday?

I want to get my mom a really great present for her birthday but I don't know what she would like. She does NOT want chocolate and last year we got her a foot bath. (she's turning 40-something) Any gift suggestions? or any day-out ideas?

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How about going out to the shops and buying her a nice smelling bubble bath and some candles and run her a nice hot bath and whilst shes in the bath cook her a nice meal :) or is that really cheesey ?

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Haha... that shirt idea is cute... but do you think someone would where that out in public without looking like an idiot! Tacky!

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Does she like jewelry? Clothes? Maybe a gift certificate to her favorite clothing store. If she likes watching movies, you could get creative and get her a subscription to Netflix or Blockbuster online.

Walgreens and other pharmacies often have giftcards, you could go there and try to find one for a spa. I did that for my mom one year and she loved it :)

Hope that helps.

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I am having the same problem T_T its ..in..TWO DAYS anyways reading sum gift cards sounds good..

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My mom just recently had her birthday and she loved what I got her. I got her a Starbuucks gift basket. I don't really know if your mom likes Starbuucks Coffee, so you could get her a gift card, a movie, book, or even some bath stuff. If your mom does like coffee, go to Kroger or Publix and look for baskets full of stuff. Or just go to Starbuucks Coffee.
Maggie Helms
By the way, tell your mom Happy Birthday!!!

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She might like a t-shirt from www.40somethingtshirts.com!

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im stuck with the same problem its the same problem every year and I always end up getting the same thing... vouchers for the local beauty salon. but I wanna get her something different. the best thing to do is actually ask her what she wants and if she is one of those moms that says dont worry because she feels guilty then just say your making matters worse I dont want to go on another shopping trip and come back with nothing! if she tells you what she wants then thats a bonus!

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the perfect gift love just be super nice and lovey to her and get a hand made card.

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How about a gift certificate to get her nails done, or a massage?

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im so stuck I have the same problem im 11 though so I cant do much but you might wanna try a locket with your pic in it and a poem or a spa get away is what I thought of hope it helps

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you should get something nice but not too exspensive something like the hand made coupons idea is Great!

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Lat minute, try flowers? In advance, get her flowers once a month for a year. Any type of gift that recurs is good. We all know that women love to get gifts almost more than they love the gift itself. Moms also like to be in regular contact with their kids, initiated by the kid, so get her something that she can look forward to again and again- but change it every year, OK?

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A nice necklace :)

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get her a full body massage appointment at the local spa, which could incude the yoni massage as the top complete day!

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okay most children get their moms jewlrey that is probably what they get all the time or candels and then a spa is to expensive you have to think creative like take her out to her FAVORITE RESTURANT. thats what I did and my mom loved it dont do something to expensive also you could give her a relaxing day at home act like she is in a spa pretend it saves money then you can get more than one presant I hope I could help.

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Hmm, well I think Jewlery is good.

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get her the twilight saga if she likes to read or a gift card if she likes to shop or eat. If she likes movies get her tickets to see one with you,her husband, or her boyfriend. But if you don't have enough money rent a movie from redbox like lovley bones.It is a AWSOME movie. Also Go to bed bath and beyond if she likes any products on TV like bumpits and bullet express.And you can get bath stuff there too! That should help you out!! GOOD LUCK!!! from alexandra marquez and by the way I am 9 years old!

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you should do homemade coupons, like one free loss of an argument, or going over and helping out for a weekend, paying for one date for her and your father, just stuff that you know personally she would like once in a while.

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If your mom ever had a pet that she loved, but she said that she didn't want another one of whatever it is, then get her a stuffed animal of it. My mom had a dig that was really well trained, and it died when I was 4, so I told her I'd get her a dog, and I than gave her a child's stuffed dog. But, keep in mind, they do kinda hvw ti have a sence if humor.

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Well, I would get her something like a spa, movie tickets (alone) or you or your dad pay for dinner if you go out.

Also maybe something like a foot massage or neck massage.

What ever you get her, she will like. Try something homemade too, like a card or gift.

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I worrying about the same thing you could get her a nice dinner or some flowers and be really good to her or watch her favourite movie

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Litsen, my mum always says that she dosn't want anything for her brthday! But I started 2 watch her and see what she needed. And turns out she needed a hair dryer, when I gave it to her, she said I read hr mind. So see what your mum NEEDS, instead of something that just lies around the house...HOPE I HELPED

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my mom is 40 and she wants a trip to a new u day spa www.anewudayspa.comshe wants a mini dat they are only $75 per person

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u say to mummy mummy i love u so much u u r the best mom in the world
i think this is the powerful gift for ur mom

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u say to mummy mummy i love u so much u u r the best mom in the world
i think this is the powerful gift for ur mom

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I think the perfect gift has to simple, feminine, and it doesn't have to be expensive. also remember, women love to be complimented!

I believe the perfect gift is a fashion accessory, like a scarf! Why?
1) it is relatively inexpensive
2) women love scarves! i have seen how they go crazy over them.
3) accessory items are never out of style. and there is an infinity of styles and colors
4) you don't have to worry about sizes or anything like that! yeah!

here are some nice items you might consider from a website with a large selection and affordable pricing:

a warm scarf: [link removed]

a cool pom pom scarf: [link removed]

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gift her nice dress.

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