is it bad if my mom is randomly getting mad and cussing out my grandma?

Answer #1

It’s childish of her, but i’m sure it’s not random anger.

Answer #2

if there is no reason behind it… yes. honestly you should ask your mom why she always gets mad at her… maybe some bad childhood memory sparked up a bad relationship between the two.

Answer #3

no it is.she argues with herself until she gets mad (thats not a joke)

Answer #4

She argues with herself? How exactly does that happen?

Answer #5

in a weird undescribable way!

Answer #6

It depends, how old is your grandmother and does your mother support her? If your grandmother is fully functioning, then honestly that’s their relationship and you’d be wise to butt out. Believe me, my mother is in her 50s and she can’t spend more than a day with my grandmother without fighting with her. Nothing I’ve said has changed anything. If, on the other hand, your grandmother is what we call a vulnerable adult, then yes, it is borderline abuse, and is not ok.

Answer #7

Well it is their problem there must be a reason behind it. Just something mom and daughter do a lot.

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