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How do I get my mom to leave me alone about the way eat?

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until about 6 months ago ive been very overweight and my mom didnt seem to care that she took me to fast food every other day. but i realized that shes been ruining me my whole life, so ive been telling her to get me healthy food instead, so its been working and im rather skinny now. but, im a little too skinny, im 15 year old boy, around 5'9"" and i weigh 114, ive been trying to make the weight up buy working out. so far i look better but my weight has dropped slightly, so mom is freaking out saying shes gonna take me to a hospital if i don't start eating more food, but i eat my required 2000 calories or so, everyday, and i make sure there is a lot of protein in my diet, yet she still insists im "anorexic and need help". personally, i think shes going insane, but she thinks shes right, any suggestions on what i should do?