How can I get my mom to like my cat?

We’ve had my cat for a year now, and i see my mom really doesn’t play with him and show affection. She does not dislike him but i just want her to love him and touch him. Help!?

Answer #1

Well, you can’t make her do anything…but maybe you can try talking to her.

Bring the cat near her, and ask if she would like to pet the cat. If she says no, then calmly ask her why she doesn’t interact with your cat. Ask her if she doesn’t cats.

Maybe she just doesn’t like cats, or is not an animal lover. Maybe she is busy, tired, or stressed…and just doesn’t feel like interacting with your cat.

Answer #2

Ask her if she doesn’t like* cats.

Answer #3

u cnt change opianians but u can mess with them. Well tell her of all the postive things about the cat. Like isnt it so cool how he…. u know wat i mean. but dont blabber of about the cat or she might go negitive about the cat. Just so her how much u love him/her and maybe shell like the cat. who knows.

Answer #4

You can’t really make her but you can meaby let her at least let he get close to him. Let her touch the cat or something, let her feed it, or just do something that has to do with the cat. Other than that, it will just take time for her to get used to the animal.

Answer #5

You know, it really is ok for your mother not to love your cat. Honestly if it has been a year, I sincerely doubt she is going to suddenly start to love the cat. She tolerates it. Why must she love it? Some people are not cat people. My dad is not a cat person. He tolerates it. He even occassionally notices its existence. But that’s kinda the extent of it. I really dont see why you want your mother to interact with your cat. They are both happy living their lives.

Answer #6

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