Should you moisturize your face after every time you wash it?

Answer #1

I would say no, it’s more likely that your face is going to rely on the moisturizer so then it will dry out quicker.

Answer #2

I used moisturizer every time I wash and i’ve never had a problem with it personally. Everyones skin is different though.

Answer #3

Depends on what you wash it with. If you’re refering to morning and night facial wash routine to cleanse pores and clear acne, then you have to moisturise your face, because the wash is made to completely clean your face. If you’re just splashing it, then no. But remember, too much moisture and your skin turns oily, too little and it flakes.

Answer #4

I guess it depends how many times you wash it? You shouldn’t be washing your face that much, and def do NOT use soap if you have been. But I would say wash your face before bed and moisturize it before bed.

Answer #5

I think u should moisturize it though not too much… The moisturizer will save ur skin from getting damages.. Sun block might be the best answer…:)

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