Mohawk tips

What should I use to spike up my mohawk? my hair is like 5 in. Long

Answer #1

All you need is got2be freeze spray and a blow drier. You can also use mega hold aqua net. Pomades and waxes will not hold up your hair. It will just make is greasy and it will flop to one side.

Answer #2

this works-(just strain the pulp)-lemon juice, yes the ones you squeeze an old home remedy(before gels became popular)the lemon juice will hold it for a very long time.

Answer #3

I agree with levzeroni

I used to have a 6” mohawk and I used hair glue with a lot of hair spray…and the hair dryer is your best friend

Answer #4

got 2 be spiker glue. my brother uses it, he has a fohawk though but its like 5 inches long too. it looks like Ronaldo’s hair, (famous soccer player)

but when he puts the spiker glue in he blow dries it so it dries quicker

Answer #5

Murray’s Pomade. It comes in an orange container. You can find it at most drugstores, like Walgreens, CVS, etc.

Answer #6

I agree with the other people got 2 b glue or just loads of hairspray and paticence and the old friend that is a hairdryer

Answer #7


I’ve always used soap, it’s great (:. If you’re vegan, just get vegan soap!

You have to make sure to get the right medium of soap and a tiny bit of water to get the soap lather you want, I’d say experiment with a strand of hair for a while to see what stays up right.. and VOILA!!!

When you find the right medium, trust me, this thing will stay up-right at the gigs longer than any other gel / hairspray / whatever mohawk!!! Have fun with it!


The best tip, of course, I’ve forgotten the english word for it, is to work your hair with the comb!!! It’s the ONLY way, and I say ONLY way huge mohawks stay upright, even if they use other things in or on it to help their hawks!!!


Get a strand of hair from your hawk that you want upright. Keep it small for now, as you’re working in pieces. Now, get your comb, and pull the hair upright by the tip. With your comb, begin to brush the hair downwards and upwards and downwards again, in very small parts at a time, so that it looks like your hair is beginning to foam of create knots (these are almost never real knots btw and are very easy to get rid of in the end (: ). OK, see that your hair is transforming already?? ^^ As I mentioned, it’s best to keep it in small portions ans quite low, and then when that bit is done, rise up to the next. This builds strength in your hawk from the bottom up, not the other way around, so it won’t flop out on you at the show :D!!! Keep on going, and be creative, even it out and make it sharp and thin, or make it huge and wavy with the mass of fuzz you’ve just created!! ^^

Don’t forget to SOAP it up if you’re feeling unsure! This will last you for days (if not, a couple of weeks) btw!! ^^ I’ve had one last two weeks and had a lot of people tell me how lovely it was! :D

Oh, before I forget!!


soap: Go To the sink and get some hot water (: (you don’t want to shower for this, cause of the fuzzy hair, that might be a real work to get of it you shower and put all that pressure on it). Now get the soap off with the hot water!!! GOOD LUCK, LOL!!!

fuzz: Ok!!! Now we’re left with the fuzz!!! It’s easy. The fuzz must be dry to prevent more knots creating. Now just start to unfuzz your hair by hand, pull it apart gently like you would candy floss, to create room for straigtening with brush or comb. Keep going till straight!


Good luck and have fun!!!

One Love!!!


Answer #8

Mii bro got a mowhawk :D he uses sum grease thing like its made especially fer spikey hair they sell it at wal-mart its kinda expensive but it works good ! just look in tha hair section and you shudd c lots of stuff like grease tew spike upp your hair! Or what mii bro doz is he spikes it with hel then he puts the blow dryer on it for awhile then hairspray! It takes a lil while but it comes out looking good :) Good Luck hope I helped!

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