modelling anyway I could cover up a scar?

alright some friends and family are bugging me to send in pictures to a local modelling agency, and im not to worried about the scouts liking the pictures, its just, I heard that you need perfect skin, and I have a small scar on my left cheek that doesnt really show up in photos. so im worried that if I get an interview, im gonna get turned down because of the scar. is there a way I could cover it up? would getting a tan reduce its appearence? or would they really care about it

Answer #1

yeah, try foundation (: I have a small scar on my the side of my face too, and it covers up with foundation (: and it depends what yer modeling forr. like, if it has to do with the face, I think they will be more picky but since its just a tiny scar that barely shows in pics, I doubt theyre that pickyy

good luckk (:

Answer #2

They might not care, but it may show up on their cameras because of the higher quality that they’ll be using. Wear some make up or something. Just a simple cover up.. nothing big, lol. And I don’t think that a tan is going to do much to cover it up.

Best of luck!!! ^.~

Answer #3

I’m not sure if your skin has to be “perfect” or not, but I’m pretty sure that’s not true. My Cousin who’s got acne problems modeled for awhile, but his face was always edited so he didn’t appear to have skin issues.

Good luck!

Answer #4

tanning might but you can try a concealor or foundation

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