How can I get into modeling?

I want to model but , i cant find any places around here ive searched on google and everything lol but i can`t find anything! does anyone else know of any places near tennessee?

Answer #1

how tall are you?:o idk just of curiousity:)

Answer #2

Is there any dress/wedding places where you buy dresses and stuff around there?My nan owns a store like that and she has always been trying to get me to model since I was little lol so maybe you could just go in a store like that and ask if they need any more models! :)

Answer #3

get in pregants :) it worked 4 me

Answer #4

4’8 i`m kinda short :|

Answer #5

And if you do model for a type of store like that then you’d prob be in wedding shows and stuff too! :)

Answer #6

umkayy thankss!!(:

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Answer #8

The first thing that you need to do is get a portfolio. That is just a bunch of professional photos of you in various styles of poses and looks. You need a beauty shot (a close up of the face, no makeup), some fashion shots, some runway shots, some vogue shots.. heck.. all kinds of shots. A photographer can help you out. Make sure you get a reputable one, there are many “scammers” out there who are looking to take advantage of a young girl. Then, you take that book with you to a modeling agency. Depending on where you live, you might have to look in the larger (or capitol) city. In your case, I don’t know how legit the modeling agencies in Tennessee are… I would find one in Chicago (not too far right…?) Check out these sites: Ford Elite (now called Factor) BMG Aria

Answer #9

No prob :)

Answer #10

Get a portfolio (lots of fantastic pictures) and then if there is any interest from potential clients, get an agent to get you bookings. I dated a WonderBra model and she would not have made any money without her agent- agencies will take your picture as a ‘sample’ and sell it without paying you, along with MANY other dirty tricks…

Answer #11

sign up in a modelin agencyy

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