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Should we try our relationship again?

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I'm feeling all mixed up right now. Yesterday my friend from my old school had a Christmas party, so i decided to go with my best friend. *we ended up being the only girls, but thats okay* Surprisingly i saw my ex there, it felt really awkward because i haven't really talked to him in a long time ever since he dumped me. So we were in the basement playing Monopoly and I shared a chair with him because there was 1 chair missing. We started talking and it felt like nothing had happened between us. It actually felt good to be so near him again. He put his arm around me and said that I'm such a great friend. Later, at about 3:00, I went to my friend's room to just lay down on the bed and have nap while the others were playing video games on the floor. So my best friend *girl* got bored and joined me with my nap, so did my ex. I was facing him while i was sleeping and we were close like, touching close. Our heads were touching and he held my arm. He tapped me and said something to me, but i was half asleep so i never heard. Later when we woke up he told me "BFFL." and hugged me. I hugged him back tightly, the hug lasted for about 10 seconds. It felt warm and happy. The more attention he gave me, the more it felt like we never broke up. About at 5:00 my friends ordered pizza while i went to the bathroom. I came out and my ex was standing next to the door waiting for me, I asked him why he didn't join the others downstairs and he said he wanted to tell me something. He made this sign language thing where you make an "L" with your fingers (the loser sign) and then a "V" with your other hand. It was something to say we loved eachother before we broke up. Then he hugged me again and smiled. I had nothing to say, I was speechless, i just couldn't get anything out of my mouth.

The flip side,
WHen i got home, I started thinking about the time he broke up with, the times he ignored me in the halls and how he was being mean. Was he lying? I just got really confused again. I don't know what i should do anymore
I want to sort out my feelings =( I want to be with him, but I'm scared of what might wreck our friendship again.

THank u
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