What would you do if you are the Prime Minister of Japan after the earthquake occurred?

Answer #1

to b a prime minster isnt easy task…..any how if im the prime minster i will give my best effort to save the lives of affected people. further more i will ask other nation to give their best support. i can do anything for my country people ;)

Answer #2

I would delegate all the work and get out of the coumtry lol

Answer #3

I would do all in my power to help those who need it most and definetly ask for the help of my surrounding countries!

Answer #4

As a hard as it would be, it’s always important for a leader to keep a level-head in the wake of a disaster. The citizens are confused and scared, and looking to their P.M. for guidance. I would make sure the areas around the nuclear plants are evacuated (I believe they’re already doing so) and that rescue teams are working around the clock to save those who have been stranded and injured. I would ask that anyone who wants to volunteer to help clear rubble do so, and that everyone give back to those who were affected most. The victims will need money to get back on their feet, so it would be good to set money aside for that, maybe from a disaster relief fund? I would also request that other countries send any aid possible (I believe the US, England and France are all sending rescue teams to help). The most important thing I would do, though, is to look toward the future. Even though the earthquake is already over, there’s still the threat of nuclear meltdown to be dealt with immediately. But there’s also a lot of citizens who have destroyed homes and missing family members. The most important thing would be to stress that the people of Japan and people all over the world band together to provide helping hands and money to those in need, and to take steps to help prevent such destruction again in the future, so as to provide a sense of relief and to move Japan one step closer to getting back on their feet.

Answer #5

Considering the trouble Japan is going thru at the moment, I wouldn’t wish the position of Prime Minister upon my worst enemy!

Answer #6

Ask China for help, originally they wouldn’t get along but when the quakes hit china japan sent aid. Be nice to see china do the same.

Answer #7

If I was the Prime Minister, after cities of Japan has been restored back to ‘normal” and if my advisors cannot guarantee these plants can withstand earthquakes, flooding and other natural disasters, my authorisation on building more nuclear plants would be a massive “NO”.

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