Can we ever make our mind blank, without thinking anything?

Answer #1

Possibly, but as for me, no way. I’m always thinking about something, whether is animals, friends, food, sex, anything.. I’m always thinking..

Answer #2

i don’t think so its possible :)

Answer #3

Not exactly though we can temporarily enter a state of consciousness where we don’t seem to have any thoughts. This is the goal of most kinds of meditation and is a rather pleasant feeling.

Answer #4

You are right as i also remember reading some lines of a book where it is explained about making our mind blank to get some powers

Answer #5

meditation ?

Answer #6

without meditation how i t can be possible ?

Answer #7

My mind is always blank or you could just call me ditzy haha!

Answer #8

haha me 2 lol but no sex im 13 and i wanna wait till im at least 18

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