Middle name for baby girl

What middle names would sound good with Edeigh (pronounce Ee-Dee)- ones that are overused and generic sounding?

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edeigh marie
edeigh faye
edeigh lynn
edeigh vaness

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edeigh mae

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baby girl names
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What's some good baby names for a girl?
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I love Louise! Although I guess it depends on surname aswell.

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edeigh laine
edeigh renea
edeigh stella

What do you think about this name for a baby girl?
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edeigh paige
edeigh alysha (a-li-sha-
edeigh rosalia (rose-a-li-a)
edeigh adelia (a-dell-e-a)
edeigh mia
edeigh fiona
and go to this website. it has a lot of unique names!!

let me know what name you pick. im sure it will be a beautiful name and its going to be a beautiful baby!
oh and btw. Congratz!

Baby girl twins on the way!?!?!?

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