Michael Crichton died

Did anyone else hear that Michael Crichton died? I can’t find much about it, and I am hoping it is just a rumor. I adore him.

Answer #1

May he rest in peace…I use to adore him too. According to rearch and rumors, I found out that at age 66 he died because of cancer.

Answer #2

Yea… sad to say, but it’s true. He died of cancer at age 66 I believe.

Answer #3

I also heard about that, such a shame. May he rest in peace…

Answer #4

Ugh, I am crushed.

Answer #5

It’s true…but I don’t know the cause yet.

Answer #6

I found it - cancer

Answer #7
Answer #8

Nah, it’s for real, he passed away due to cancer. Sucks :(

I’ve lost a series of family members to cancer as well. Michael Crichton was a brilliant mind, he’ll be missed by many, and his legacy is something I personally aspire to.

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