Men wearing ladies clothes

Why do people think that because a man wears ladies clothes he must be gay or have some other ulterior motive for doing so.can a man not wear ladies clothes simply because he enjoys doing so. When girls wear jeans and shirts its not asked why are they wearing mens clothes . Toni

Answer #1

The generally accepted distinction is that ‘’transvestites’’ are straight, and ‘’drag-queens’’ are gay…

Answer #2

In my opinion it is mere fantassy or to satisfy his ego to show himself in a lady gesture. Inmedical term it is perversion.

Answer #3

if it isnt halloween then theres no reason for a guy to wear girl’s clothing, dats why some ppls may think there gay. I sure think so. girl’s clothing are for girls. ppls would think why do a guy wanna wear a skirt?? kinda wierd huh? thats when you think oooh hes gay, even if its for fun.

Answer #4

It means you have tendencies to become a cross dresser in your grownup life..You never mentioned your age…if you are a man then you are a cross dresser already…

Answer #5

straight men that wear womens clothes, usually do so because they get a rush off of the taboo aspect of it. that rush excites them in a sexual way. so people assume they must want to be a woman sexually and therefore are gay.

when women wear mens clothes, they do so out of fashion or comfort, with normally no taboo, for example a woman would need to wear a fake mustache etc to pull off “boy drag”

I work in a sex toy store that has a massive lingerie section and I help cross dressers everyday, and it is normally very obvious that these men are excited when they are shopping. thank goodness we don’t really allow any try ons, because I don’t get paid enough to deal with that!

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