Melatonin supplement/sleeping pills

Okay, so I bought Melatonin TR Time Release vitamins, which are supposed to help you sleep. The brand is Natrol. But I know that sleeping pills can get addictive and I was wondering if that could happen with these? Also, will I be completely out once I take one, or will I be able to wake up from an alarm in the morning? Basically… has anyone taken this supplement? Was it helpful? How did you feel afterward? Etc.

Answer #1

Melatonin is a natural product that your body produces to help you sleep. Melatonin sleeping pills are not addictive. Basically all they do is give you the same effect that lying in the sun does…naturally sleeping without any negative side effects. And you will wake up in the morning. It just helps you fall asleep.

I work in a pharmacy and many people give this product to very young children that have trouble sleeping at night. It is 100% natural. Nothing to worry about.

Answer #2

I’ve heard about these… anything over the counter is not supposed to be addictive and I dont think these are… and they’re supposed to be natural so you should be fine… talk to a doctor to be sure, but I wouldnt worry about it too much…

Answer #3

No, melatonin are not addictive. If anything, they’re annoying, because it seems if I’m going to sleep, I’m going to sleep, with or without them. They help me stay asleep once I’m there(maybe a little much, because I’m a little groggy in the morning, like after taking cold medicine).

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