Has anyone ever met Hannah Montana?

has anyone met hannah montana ever because if you have then that is cool!!!???

Answer #1

I’m sure someone will come on here saying they have just to get your attention. Several people have tried to come on here saying they are her cousin and stuff, but honestly, what are the odds. Pretty low thats for sure.

Answer #2

I have at my radio station I cant beiloeve it I kept calling and I finally won and got to meet her I have photos of it on b97.com so awesome due for realll!!! wow I found out a lot of kwl things where she lived and what was her favoprite song =P rEALLY AWESOME =[) how she became an actual singer by singing for her school =[) and her dad had something to do about it lol and yea go look at the pics

Answer #3

yea I got to go backstage because my uncle is a guard for her

Answer #4

no no one can really met her unless you win a contest or just happn to find her in a mall (witch probably wouldnt happen!! so no I havent met her but I’ve been to her concert!!

Answer #5

I have

Answer #6

no I haven’t met her this is who asked da question anyways!!!

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