Why is this rumor spreading about hannah montana being canceled?

I am a huge miley cyrus fan! And I am just wondering if,”miley says googbye”, is the last hannah montana episode that will be filmed. Also, if it is the last hannah episode, would anyone happen to know if after she quits being hannah montana, would she still have her clothes line, and be making cds and movies? Thanks !!!

Answer #1

it’s cancelled, one more season

Answer #2

yes its true because miley isnt a little girl anymore she wants to have sex with the jonas bro’s

Answer #3

ya its the last episoide

Answer #4

That Miley says goodbye episode, I looked that up to see if it was the very last episode and according to Wikipedia, it’s just the season 3 finale. Then there will be one last season that will last until 2011.

Answer #5

the show will stop after season 3 so there will be no more hannah montana after that obviously miley cant go on being a teenager in a tv show forever, because shes growing up she will still sing and act in other movies though

Answer #6

YES it is it the last episode ever I even hear ther not going to play re-runs of the old show all I have to say is thank god ill be kinda sad though I did like hanna montana and miley cyrus

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