Meditation work to help you even if you are not, say buddhist?

I am not religious and I accept I could never make myself religious, and this is really to do with health kind of but does meditation work to help you even if you are not, say budhist? Have I spelt that wrong sorry no offence

Answer #1

Just wanted to add, some psychological research has been incorporating meditation (perhaps not in the classic sense but similar types of things) into therapy… so definitely not a religious thing…

Answer #2

You don’t have to be of any religion to meditate. You don’t even have to practice yoga to meditate. Just do it 1_~

Answer #3

Meditation is a wonderful way to heal yourself emotionally, mentally, and physically…It’s taught in Yoga classes, so it’s a sure bet that being religious or Buddist isn’t a prerequisite.


Answer #4

You dont have to be religious to meditate. Do some research on it and find out how to do it, and what would feel comfortable to you. It never hurts to give it a try. a lot of people say that it helps them.

Answer #5

“Buddhist” - sorry for the spelling correction, but as a Buddhist, I feel obligated to point it out, lol.

As was said already, meditation is a great way to relieve stress and bring upon yourself a sense of inner peace, and you don’t have to be religious at all to do it.

Some benefits of meditation include: lowering oxygen consumption decreasing respiratory rate increased blood flow and slower heart rate (helps stabilize blood pressure) leads to a deeper level of relaxation reduces incidence of anxiety attacks decreases muscle tension decreasesincidence of headaches positively influences mood and behaviour …and more!

Answer #6

Just find a quite place with no distractions sit or lay down but dont go to sleep. breath clear your mind, focus. and bam your meditating. try short times at first. if your not use to it it can be difficult. then slowly meditate longer. you can focus on a problem, situation, want/need, find inner peace, what ever I go to a place in my mind, my so called meda-world if you will. Its a beach cove, there I can let go and be at peace. I wouldnt suggest that for begginers but towork up to that.

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