Got in a fight with my ex

okay well I got into a fight with him.he’s my ex but we still have a lot of feelings for each other.we went out twice but it didnt work out because it wasnt the same.I tink I could relate our problem with like a love story that never ends.okaay well…we got into a fight because of this other guy named jeriel was like sort of flriting with me and he got jealous.he got mad at me and I dont know how to talk to him because I love him..what should I do?

Answer #1

dear fau I had the same sorta problem. I went out with my boyfriend twice aswell. however he cheated on me both time (Flirting isnt really cheating just depends how far you go im not saying you cheated). the 1st time he dumped me by text saying that he’d found someone else (bareing in mind hes 16) and then a few months later I got a text saying that he missed me and really a loada crap that I shouldn’t have been so blind. He was very forceful and tried to make me do things I didnt want to do. luckily I didn’t let him go any further then I wanted him to. then he tells my best friends hes been cheating on me again, I ignored it the 1st time cus I thought she was lying. (fair to say he got quite a slap when I next saw him haha)

Anyhow im sorry that was a really long story. But if he doesnt trust you (if you were just flirting with this other guy and nothing else) thats not cheating. I thought I loved my ex too and there are days when I think I still do. but if theres no trust in the relationship then theres no point in being together. however if you can build a bond and trust all over again then go for it girl!

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