Math question, can you solve it?

Of the students polled at Hillcrest H.S, 41% preferred McCain over Obama. If 328 students preferred McCain, how many preferred Obama?

Answer #1

sorry, but theres a much quicker way-

328/41 = 8 then because the amount that supported obama must be 59% therfore do 8x51= 472

end of. x

Answer #2

328 = 0.41 (41%) x = 1 (100%) cross multiply

0.41x = 328 x = 328/0.41 x = 800

100% = 800 800-328 = 472

check the answer…

41% of 800 = 0.41x800 = 328 59% of 800 = 0.59x800 = 472

Answer #3

Ok. I’m gonna try and talk you through it. let x=total students let y=the students who prefer obama. so, we can say that: 328+y=x AND 328=41%x SO we can isolat x in the second equation…(and change the percent to decimal) 328/0.41=x 800=x THEN we can substitute that response in for x in the first equation 328+y=800 then solve for y 800-328=y 472=y THEREFORE 472 students prefered Obama

Answer #4

134 I think

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