masterbateing for girls

good ideas for masterbating

Answer #1

two classics for the clitoris:

electric toothbrush shower head

Answer #2

One word: Bathtube. :)

Answer #3

well I have heard a lot of diffenernt things but what is easiest is to close all the doors to the bedroom and lock them, lay on a comfortable surface and take off your pants and underwear. The lift up your shirt enough so you bra is showing all the way. then spread your legs apart as far as they will go as you are laying down and rub your vagina all over with one hand, dont be affraid at this point no one should be watching so be horny all you want and if you would like if no one is home make noises like you are getting hurt. then put your other hand in one of your bra pads and squeeze your boob, if you do not have a bra on squeeze you boob anyway. What makes more pleasure is if you let our hair down and let it hang over your body as far as if will go. Next you can start rolling around, then you can even fall onto the floor and hump the ground, this is very satisfying for around 30 minutes. You may be a little soar after but it will be worth it.

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