Do girls masterbate a school?

I was just wanting to known if girls masterbate at school. Because I saw this girl who sound like she was moaning and she was rubbing her legs together. I think I may have got her really horny because I kept flirting with her and she would touch me and I would touch her back. I even start to to lick my lips and look at her a lot and I would rub up aganist her and she woul touch me back and then she sounded like she was moaning quietly but I could still her. So do you think she is materbating and also is do other girls masterbate at school or at public palces. If so how d othey do this.

Answer #1

fuck no I have once though but I was pissed and getting laid at the time lol

Answer #2

Yeah, you would never catch me masterbating in the public. I’d die of a heart attack! =O

Answer #3

ummm… thats one messed up girl hahahah hahaha this makes me laugh girls usually are quiet and humble bout their masturbation so deff not in public

its more private

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