How do I change my master screen name?

I don’t want my e-mail address to show on my blogs. How do I change my master screen name?

Answer #1

Please, I’m noot having a good day, all i wan tto do is change my screen name as n password an d my email address

Answer #2

I dont know

Answer #3

When I submitted a “Blog” my email address was publicized and not the “screen name” that I had selected. I think most people use “nicknames” or acronims but not their real email address which mine is my name.

Answer #4


Do you want to change your e-mail address? You could always create a new email account with a new screen name specifically for use on your blog. To change your AOL screen name, just go to and add a new one…I’m not sure what you mean by “master” screen name, if you could be more specific I could try to help you more! (Just reply here by posting an answer).

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