Mascara on top lashes

Is it weird that I don't apply mascara on my top lashes but I do on my bottom lashes?
I don't apply on the top ones because you can't even see it... my lashes are like extremely short even with the curling!

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I've tried using length, but it still doesn't look natural. It's also because my lashes don't curl. Like... they are like straight down. Lol

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no its not at all lol like thats how I do it to but I do it like that because I have really long lashes try useing a lenth madscara it will make you lashes longer looking if you want =]

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no ...I dont apply it to my bottom lashes because of my eye-liner but I do on the top because I dont wear I liner on the top ... but I guess its your way of putting it on so I cant judge you on it

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I don't think it's wierd at all, if you want longer lashes then get some of those fake ones at the drug

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